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Santa is coming to town!

Celebrate Christmas with us like in Italy - with our unique and delicious Panettone.

Here comes the Easter Bunny!

Celebrate Easter with us like in Italy - with our unique and delicious Colomba.


Your Panettone for the festive season

Order now and get a 10% discount!


Your Colomba for the festive season

Order now and get a 10% discount!

The Vifino philosophy


Buon Giorno!

My name is Vincenzo and I am the founder of Vifino.

Nowadays, more and more family run businesses and their traditional way to lovingly prepare handmade and unique specialities disappear. Supermarkets and shops are flooded with industrial food and it becomes harder and harder for the small manufacturers to compete with the big food industries.

I am highly convinced that the love and passion that goes into the harvest and preparation makes up a big part of the food experience. That is why our exclusive Vifino selection consists of finest Mediterranean specialities from small manufacturers only.

As we are searching for new specialities to enrich our exclusive Vifino selection, we always look for the finest ingredients only.

With Vifino, we do not only support small family run businesses, but also bring you the fantastic food experience home.


Happy customers

Pannetone Customer


Essen, Germany

Easter without Colomba? … Impossible! I have already tried many Colomba, but none of them tasted like at home in Bella Italia. Fortunately, Vifino was recommended to me by friends and what shall I say? I was not disappointed at all. You can see and taste the traditional and loving production.
For Easter, the Colomba from Vifino has become the highlight in my family and I can’t imagine the festive days without it.
And the beautiful wrapping makes it an ideal present, too!“

Antik Wein

Antik Wein

Berlin, Germany

We have known Vincenzo and the Mediterranean Specialities of Vifino for several years now and don’t wanna miss the highly professional, yet very familiar partnership anymore.

At Antik Wein, we set very high standards for quality and transparency. The products of Vifino have exceeded our expectations and even at a good price.
We are happy that with Panettone, olive oil, Gocce and Co. from Vifino we can offer fantastic specialities at our shop in Berlin, which round off our wine range additionally.“

Crema Customer


Hamburg, Germany

“The Vifino selection is small, but there is something for everyone.
The Crema Pistaccio for example is incredibly delicious and can be used for numerous purposes! I often use it as spread or with the Panettone.
Recently, I have discovered the Pasta and Pestos as well. A glass of Nero D’Avola with it and the evening is saved. I’m really looking forward to the expansion of the Vifino product range.“